Choose Excellence

Choose Excellence

Our experience, quality, and concern for your health are unmatched. Come and see the difference for yourself.

- Mary Houx

Our Story

Nail cottage isn't your typical nail salon. It sets a cozy, comfortable ambience and you'll be having the highest quality work performed by someone you can talk to. In short, it's an experience.

Nail Cottage is the product of the founder and primary specialist, Mary Houx. Mary has been providing her clients with the highest quality manicures and pedicures since the early 1990s. What started as a means of providing for her children turned into a passion. Providing manicures and pedicures was surprisingly rewarding.

There is first, and foremost, the reward of honing a skill and performing excellent work. Anybody involved in a creative process can testify that there is a remarkable sense of pride that comes with the process of creating something. We create art.

Additionally, satisfied clients would return, and over time meaningful relationships routinely developed. Many of these relationships have extended for well over a decade. This served as both an unexpected benefit, and as a reason to take further efforts to create with excellence. A manicure, performed properly as such that it is an experience for the recipient, is more than simply a service.

Services Offered

What you're looking for, perfected.


Our hands work hard for us, and they deserve to be loved in return. Three decades of experience means we understand how to provide you with a thorough hygienic survey and then treat your hands with the attention they deserve so that the tissues of the hand remain healthy, and beautiful. The manicure is topped off with a flawless finish of your choice.


Hands, like feet, rarely get a break. And, they suffer quite a bit of abuse in the process of giving us our freedom. Unfortunately, without proper care they can look quite aged and worn. Like we do with our manicures, our pedicures are first focused on a thorough hygienic survey, cleaning, exfoliation so that they remain healthy, and beautiful. The pedicure is topped off with a flawless finish of your choice.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a mineral wax which can safely be melted at low enough temperatures that its application to human skin will not cause any damage. Its treatments are popular for the incredible effect they have softening and smoothing your skin. It also helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles.

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Address & Contact

Nail Cottage
41965 3rd Street
Suite B
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 595-7617

Appointments are booked over the phone. Email should be used primarily for inquiries. We respond promptly, and will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Natural Products

Health and safety are a paramount concern to us. Experience over decades in the industry have given us a first-hand insight into the dangers of some of the toxic chemicals utilized by standard nail salons. We have made our manicures more natural, and more safe for the health of the client and the professional. - Mary Houx

For many years the beauty industry, like many others, existed in the dark with regard to the health impacts of some of the products being used. Over time, concerns began to emerge. These concerns were founded in real cases of people experiencing health problems. Mary herself began to experience health problems that are likely attributed to her exposure to some of the traditional beauty products over time. Treatment required intense and quite challenging therapy.

As part of the process of empowering herself, she began to learn about the growing body of evidence demonstrating some of the potential health impacts of the chemicals she was exposed to. Feeling justifiably concerned, in a pioneering spirit she dove headfirst into the market of natural beauty products.

Currently all of our scrubs and lotions, such as our exceptionally pleasant vanilla honey scrub, are all natural. For our mask, we use a vanilla mint mask.

To this day, in addition to premier pedicures and manicures, the primary commitment of Nail Cottage to its clients is to above all else, always respect their health. We are committed to the idea that only the safest and most effective products touch our patients skin.